Happy New Year!

I took what felt like a well-earned break over the holidays and enjoyed some time off from baking.  But it's already a new year and I already have new projects on the horizon.  🎉 I have branched off into some new territory and have made a few dog cakes for my friends who celebrate with their pets! 🐶🍰  That was definitely a challenging (and very rewarding) experience.  But "people cakes" are still my favorite thing to make and you will definitely not need to wonder if I will still be making those. 🤓

Here is a photo from John's birthday party in December... it turns out he shares the day with Frank Sinatra (and a friend of his named Charlie), so I added all of their names and brought it to his cool new bar in Long Beach called The Grasshopper. 🦗  Naturally, the cake was chocolate with mint frosting. 💚

I've always got new ideas floating around in my head, so it won't be long before I have more new creations to share with you.  Got something to celebrate? I always say that a fun cake always makes it a real party!  Please contact me if there is something I can make for you. 💕



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