Happy Summer (such as it is)!

I happened upon an exciting project during the Quarantimes thanks to a post on facebook and had the opportunity to make these crazy colored cakes for the Long Beach-based (and woman-owned) handbag company, Lux de Ville! 👜✨ I already have a few of their bags and was thrilled to be involved with the process of setting up the photos too. The black frosting and custom colored cakes were a creative challenge for me, and especially due to ingredient shortages and extra safety precautions, it was fun to make cakes that were only for show and branch out into food photography. 🤓

This photo was taken by Chris Gomez Photography and I am thrilled to be surrounded with so many creative people. 📸🖤

I've always got new ideas floating around in my head, so it won't be long before I have more new creations to share with you.  Got something to celebrate? I always say that a fun cake always makes it a real party!  Please contact me if there is something I can make for you. 💕



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