Who's That Girl?

Change of Pace Cakes was created to make your prettiest cake dreams come true. Let's mix my artistic energy together with your inspired ideas, along with a little sugar and some love... and bake up a delicious, lasting memory that will be the star of your next party.

It all began with a Michael's coupon. I could hardly believe they would give you half off anything in the store just to entice you to come back. It worked. I was already interested in cake, dabbling a little bit on my own, challenging myself to bake for my vegan friends and testing out some of the fun ideas I found in books like Hello, Cupcake! Standing in the baking aisle at Michael's with a small set of Wilton frosting tips in my hand, I succumbed to female shopping justification logic. I realized that if I bought the "master" set with my coupon instead, that would make it worth $25 off $50 rather than just $15 off $30 and it seemed like such an obvious decision. I left the store feeling like I had gotten away with something. I also had no idea what to do with any of them. About five years, lots of cake decorating classes and many, many Michael's coupons later, I do know what all those tips are for and my passion for cake decorating has only grown.

Change of Pace Cakes is the polar opposite of my usual Office Manager career, my creative outlet; and transforming "normal" cake into something so beautiful people almost hesitate to cut or eat it is extremely rewarding.

If you want a cake people will remember, talk about and probably pose for pictures with... I'm your girl.

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